michael tyler, Richwood,WV .

The PRC-64 is a 4 channel ,crystal controlled transceiver.The unit covers 80 and 40 meters using the AM mode or CW mode. There is also a built in antenna tuner and a "peaking lamp" to use for tune-up. The RF power out is 5 watts on CW and 1.5 watts on AM. There is also a CW key built on top of Rig that proves to be very handy. Battery power was orginally provided by a Battery type BA-1509. Since they are no longer available a combination of "AA" cells works well. The required battery voltage is 13ma 4 volt for the Receiver, 700ma 28 volt for CW transmitting,and 28 volt 300ma for voice. I have used this rig in the Woods using just a 65 foot piece of wire over a tree limb on 80 meters CW. The Rig is fitted with a water tight lid and a pressure relief valve in case you want to parachute from a Plane with the rig. .

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