PRC-6 Transceiver

Michael Tyler WA8YWO

Richwood, West Virginia

The PRC-6 was developed in the 1950s to replace the BC-611. It has a frequency range of 47-55 mhz and operates in the FM mode. The power output is about 500 milliwatts . The unit requires a battery with a combination of 1.5 volts,a minus 4.5 volts.45 volts, and 90 volts that was supplied by battery BA-270 . Many Ham Operators have started to collect these units and have begun to build their own batteries . The Collectors group also have a Net at the Dayton Hamvention each year using these units.The common use frequency seems to be 51.0 mhz.The one in the photo is mine and I repainted it with Hammered Gray and bought replacement data plates for it. I built a battery pack using 10- 9 volt batteries in series , 4 C cells for the filament and 3 AAA cells for the bias supply. The batteries were then placed into a home made metal battery box that I built that is about the size of the battery pack that was made for it.


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