My PRC-25 military Radio

The following is a description of the PRC-25.I became familiar with it in "Basic Training". The radio is an interesting radio to use on the "Ham Radio" Bands and has a long history of serving the Military all over the world." Receiver-transmitter, 30-76mHz, 920 chan, 50kHz spacing, FM, 1-2w, solid-state except 2DF4 final, 14VDC from mil-type BA-4386 battery, 18lbs"

As you can see the PRC-25 came with a Handset,a short antenna and a long antenna. You had to remember to reduce the height of the long antenna if it was deployed when approaching a chopter with the rotor turning! The power out is about 2 watts the voice deviation is about 20khz.There is a subaudable tone of 150 hz that runs at about 3khz dev.Most of the Hams that are using these on the Ham Bands have reduced the audio dev. and are using rechargeable batteries.

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