Welcome to my "About Me" web page

                                                       Michael Tyler                                     

                                                                              Richwood, WV


                                                                           Richwood, West Virginia


            I really don't like having this page, but maybe it will help you to understand my hobbies and interests.




                                                                                        My main hobbies are Flying, Ham Radio and Martial Arts.

      I have an FCC First Class Commerical GROL (General Radio Telephone Operators License) and I am a N.A.B.E.R Certified Communications  Technician.

I am COMPTIA A+ certified Computer Technician. I am also I-Net Certified and N+ Certified from COMPITA and ARIES.I am retired from teaching Electronics and A+,N+,and I-NET and SERVER ESSENTIALS Computer Certification through ARIES. These classes are approved for College credit through a "Earn a Degree Early" program. I have an A.S. in Electronics and a B.A. in general studies.

                           I hold an Amateur Extra Class License starting with Novice in 1966 and a GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) License.

                                            I am a Private Pilot and a Certified Scuba Diver and a Black Belt in Sho Ha Shorin Ryu.


                                            I also enjoy building and messing with QRP (very low power output) "CW" Morse Code radios .

                            I recently built a Rig called a Paraset. It is a replica of the ones used in WWII by Allied Spys and Agents.

                                      It runs about 2 watts and uses a Regenative receiver circuit. Here is a picture of it.



    I enjoy working as the Engineer for WMLJ FM 90.5mhz Radio station here in Central West Virginia. It is a  Christian Radio station and is part of the FBN Network.



   I enjoy running 6 Meter and 10 Meters FM Mobile. My Wife Kelly also has a Ham License . Her call is KE8LLY. My son Matt, is also a Ham and his call is KC8SDN.



                           This is a picture of me in my Military Police Days. Fort Gordon , Ga. 1973




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